Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paleo 2.0

Paleo 2.0 is a more progressive and scientific approach to paleo-style dieting and way of eating. In Paleo 2.0, paleo means simply "old", not necessarily Paleolithic. The idea is to use pre-industrial societies and their ways of eating that have prevented the diseases of civilization as a guide (but not dogma) to determine a better way of eating.

Neolithic foods may be viewed with suspicion or skepticism, but they are not totally rejected simply because they are Neolithic. Cream and butter are prime examples of this.

As opposed to other incarnations of Paleo, Paleo 2.0 is saturated fat friendly AND starch friendly. The foods currently under most suspicion are those that Dr. Kurt Harris refers to as the Neolithic Agents of Disease (NAD), namely:

     • Wheat
     • Excess Fructose
     • Excess Linoleic Acid (a polyunsaturated fat found in vegetable oil)

Various paleo bloggers over time have all coalesced into similar viewpoints, the most influential/scientific of these include:

Dr. Kurt Harris – PaNu
Paul Jaminet – Perfect Health Diet
Stephan Guyenet – Whole Health Source 
Chris Masterjohn – The Daily Lipid

As a side note, none of these guys and very, very few of the other scientific bloggers buys Taubes carb/insulin theory. The science is not sound. If you are in love with the carb/insulin theory, then you are not Paleo 2.0. If you are not diabetic or pre-diabetic, in Paleo 2.0 there is no reason to worry about carbs causing insulin “spikes.”